Scenic Lift Rides

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Now Open for Summer!

Open Wed – Sun from 9am to 4pm

Take a ride on Sunrise Lift 1 from the base at 9,200′ up to the top of Sunrise peak, at 10,700′. This scenic lift ride takes about 7 minutes to reach the peak where you can experience some of the most expansive panoramic views in Arizona. The scenic lift is available for ages 2+.

Single Ride:

Unlimited Rides for the day:

Panoramic Views of Arizona

Scenic Lift Ride

Ride to the top of Sunrise Mountain in the Summer or Fall and experience cool air and some of the most panoramic views in Arizona! In the Fall, enjoy the beautiful and vivid colors of the aspen trees on your ride up the mountain and throughout the view at the top.

  • North: views of Greens Peak, Sunrise Lake, and miles beyond
  • East: see Escudilla Mountain and New Mexico just past that
  • South: Arizona’s second tallest mountain, Mt. Baldy – the Apache Tribe’s most sacred mountain
  • West: the slopes of Apache Peak and Cyclone Circle
  • Northwest: Look close on a clear enough day and you can see the San Francisco Peaks in Flagstaff, including Humphreys Peak – the tallest mountain in Arizona
Riders on Scenic Lift Ride
View from top of Lift 1
Riders at Scenic Lift Ride