Airbag Jump


Open for Summer Activities

Saturday – Sunday

9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Special Hours

Oct. 7: Open to public

Oct. 9: NCAA Race – no public biking/hiking

Tickets Available Here

Returning this season: bring out your inner stunt double and take the leap from over 40 feet above the ground with nothing between you and the airbag but fresh air! The Sunrise Airbag Jump is a unique experience, being the only high-jump airbag fall in Arizona. Experience the rush of free-falling from 18′, 32′, and 40′ off the ground!

Sunrise Airbag Jump

Jump off three different platforms and experience seconds of freefall until you are caught by the airbag below. New jumpers must work their way up through Levels I and II before attempting the big jump from Level III. The Airbag Jump is available for ages 6+, but the higher jumps are age-restricted for safety reasons.

  • Level I: 18′ (guests 6+)
  • Level II: 32′ (must be 13+)
  • Level III: 40′ (must be 15+)
Sunrise Airbag Jump Top Level