Sunrise General Store

General Store Hours

Open Fri-Sun: 8am to 4pm

General Store now has gas!

Located on Highway 273 just past the Sunrise Park Lodge, the Sunrise General Store is your first stop on your mountain adventure. Featuring a full convenience and outdoors store, with snacks, drinks, camping equipment, fishing accessories, gasoline, and more. We also offer permits for fishing, camping, boating, and other outdoor recreation on the White Mountain Apache Reservation.

Your Adventure Stop

Sunrise General Store

The Sunrise General Store is the most convenient stop on your way into the mountains. We offer all the essentials and accessories for a never-ending adventure, now including gas!

Fishing Gear

Lures | Bait | Bobbers | Nets | Buckets | Tackle Boxes

Camping Gear

Blankets | Tents | Air Mattress | Sleeping Bags | Camping Chairs | Tarps | Lights | Firewood | Charcoal

RV Accessories

Wheel Chocks | Electrical Adapters | Bulbs | Sewer Hoses


Fishing, Boating, Camping, etc. More information below


Fishing Permits

Adults – $9.00 per day
(limited to one pole, one line; 5 fish per day)
Juvenile (10 – 14 years old) – $3.00 per day
(limited to one pole, one line; 3 fish per day)
Kids (9 & under) – $3.00
Must be purchase with an adult permit. (limited to one pole, one line; 3 fish per day)

Adults Annual – $100.00
Juvenile Annual – $32.00

Special Use Permit for Black River & Salt River – $20.00
Special Use Permit for Pacheta Falls – $30.00

Boating Permits

Daily – $5.00 per day, per boat

Camping Permits

Sunrise Campground (DRY Camp only) – 62 spaces

Daily – $15.00 per day

Sunrise RV Park (DRY Camp only) – 16 spaces

Daily – $35.00 per day

White Mountain Apache Reservation Campgrounds

Hawley Lake, Big Bear and Little Bear Lake, Horseshoe Lake, and others.

Daily – $9.00 per day

Outdoor Recreational Permits

Daily – $9.00 per day

Address & Directions


Located 4 miles down Highway 273 from Highway 260



ext. 2180

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