Sunrise Branding Guidelines

Sunrise Park Resort Color Logo (2021 Update)
Sunrise Park Resort Light Logo (2021 Update)
Sunrise Park Resort Dark Logo (2021 Update)
Sunrise Park Resort Logo
Sunrise Park Resort Crown Dancer
Primary Colors
RGB: 101, 46, 143
CMYK: 74, 98, 0, 2
RGB: 29, 123, 123
CMYK: 84, 34, 50, 10
Secondary Colors
RGB: 224, 213, 233
CMYK: 8, 15, 0, 0
RGB: 210, 229, 229
CMYK: 19, 1, 9, 0

Arizona’s Ultimate Mountain Adventure

Since White Mountain Apache Tribe Chairman Ronnie Lupe first envisioned a mountain resort, Sunrise Park Resort has become a year-round recreation destination. Sunrise Park Resort has grown from one mountain with three ski trails to three large mountains and 65 trails for winter sports enthusiasts to enjoy over the last 50 years. Sunrise is also a growing summer recreation destination, with scenic lift rides, Arizona’s only lift-served downhill mountain biking, a zip line course, and more. With the sacred and beautiful mountain terrain of the resort and the surrounding area, Sunrise Park Resort is the ultimate location for a vacation getaway.

The overall vision of the resort, as presented by the Sunrise Park Resort Master Plan, is to promote the resort with a focus on affordable family fun, while also maintaining the harmony and beauty of the surroundings. Sunrise is a showcase of the White Mountain Apache culture, tradition, values, language, and history.

As Sunrise Park Resort grows towards the goal outlined in the Master Plan, the marketing for the resort needs to maintain a consistent and streamlined look and messaging. The brand is what people see, feel, and think when they hear Sunrise Park Resort. Following these brand standards, Sunrise Park Resort will center its focus on the mission of becoming Arizona’s Ultimate Mountain Adventure.

Brand Basics

Sunrise Park Resort has a reputation for being a large and accessible ski resort for the residents of Arizona, but many people are less familiar with the resort’s summer offerings. There have also been mixed messages, designs, and branding over the past decade, leading to customer confusion of the resorts direction. With the goal of becoming Arizona’s Ultimate Mountain Adventure, Sunrise Park Resort is simplifying and unifying all messaging and communications going forward.

This document is intended for those responsible for creating any public-facing communication materials for Sunrise Park Resort. From flyers and social media posts, to press releases and public messaging, all materials released by Sunrise Park Resort will utilize these brand standards to ensure the look, feel, and message of the resort is not diluted or misconstrued.

Everything from the color swatches, logos and logo usage, graphic elements, typography, letterhead, and more are included in this brand guide. If there are any questions or if additional elements are needed, please contact SWG Media at or call 928-369-6641.