Opening Memorial Day Weekend of 2024, the coaster will provide a thrilling mountain experience for families in both the summer and winter seasons

Greer, Arizona – November 10, 2023 – Sunrise Park Resort announces the development of the Sunrise Apache Alpine Coaster, the first tribally owned/operated coaster in the country and the second ever mountain coaster in the state of Arizona. The Sunrise Apache Alpine Coaster will provide guests with thrilling drops, heart-pounding turns, and breathtaking views as riders glide through the trees along the side of Sunrise Peak.

“Sunrise is thrilled to become the first tribal entity to with a thrill ride of this nature. Being only the second in the region, the coaster will be an experience for families from across Arizona, New Mexico, and beyond to enjoy. The Sunrise Apache Alpine Coaster is just the latest in a growing number of summer and winter offerings as Arizona’s ultimate mountain adventure destination.” – Todd Clarke, General Manager

The Sunrise Apache Alpine Coaster will offer thrills to families, with individual carts that provide a secondary seat for children to ride with an adult. The 3,287-foot track will send riders downhill at speeds up to 25 miles per hour. Riders can control their speed with a handbrake on each ride cart and an advanced safety system maintains a set following distance between carts.

The Sunrise Apache Alpine Coaster is being engineered by Wiegand, the inventor and world leader of mountain coasters. This installation will be version 2.0 of Wiegand’s coaster, offering advanced safety features and smooth ride experience. The Sunrise Apache Alpine Coaster will be a welcomed addition to the wide range of activities available at Sunrise Park Resort in both the summer and winter seasons.

Sunrise opens Fri., Dec. 1, 2023 for the ski season. More information about the resort offerings are available on our website.